In different locations around the world...

In different locations around the world…We gather for Residency and Immersive Retreats for 1 week to 4 months of the year to hold space for each other to share wisdom, to open our hearts, and to grow into new ways of relating to ourselves, to others and to the earth. With a focus on love and play, we gather to remember and anchor ourselves into an authentic, inclusive and conscious community. 

This winter, LifeLiving with gather in the jungle of the Riviera Maya for an immersion into the magical power of listening. In the stillness created through conscious listening we can hear the songs of our heart and spirit, of our ancestors, and our connection to all that sustains and nourishes us. 

By developing and exploring skills that guide us deep into ourselves through movement, meditation and holistic health, we learn to hear and honor our inner voice; the gateway to learning how to actively listen to the people and the world around us.

Past Gatherings:


​September and October 2019

LifeLiving hosted Residency and two Intensive Retreats in the beautiful Tuscan Hills at a secluded place called Podere Fiorli. The collective experience was an amazing journey into the multi-faceted layers and joy of relationship. We are forever grateful to all who came and participated in the healing and growth for themselves and the community.

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